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Product Code - MK_MISTHI0041ASR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0041BSR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0041CSR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0041DSR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0041ESR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0041FSR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0041GSR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0041HSR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0045ASR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0045CSR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0045DSR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0045ESR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0043ASR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0043BSR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0044ASR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0044BSR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0046ASR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0047ASR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0048ASR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0040ASR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0039ASR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0043CSR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI2108ASR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0045BSR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI1701ASR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI1701BSR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI1510SR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI1702SR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI1509SR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI1701CSR01
Product Code - MK_MISTHI0022ASR01


Shipping & Returns
If you have received damaged product or the wrong item, please mail us at with your order number and couple of pictures of defected or wrong product within 7 Days of delivery.We will try and replace the product as soon as possible, If that product replacement is not possible only in that case we will return that much amount.At Shaily Retails each product quality is checked, verified and then shipped to the customer but we understand that manual errors can happen and hence we try to replace particular item or if it is not possible we refund amount of that item.
In case of Product replacement, you have to send back the parcel with return packing slip within 7 Days. (For that parcel, courier charges will be paid by customer).Sale of clearance sale items is final and will not be exchanged. Exchange or refund of sale items is done only in case of damaged product.If replacement is no longer available then we will request you to choose some other alternative item from our website.No refund can be issued under any circumstances.
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  • Every Possible Care Has Been Taken To Give You An Accurate Colour Of The Product. Nonetheless Minor Variation Occurs Due To Digital Photography/ Lighting/ Brightness Settings Of Mobile, Tablet, Laptop, Etc. Which Is Beyond Our Hands. Do Keep A Note Of This During Your Purchase.
  • Photographs Of The Product In Our Website Are The Exact Product That Are Shipped To You.
  • Every Detail Regarding Fabric Quality Or Design Are Provided Against Each Product.

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